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I just spent four days of my life at the World Internet Summit 2010 in Perth Australia. This is my honest review of the event. World Internet Summit is an internet marketing seminar held in various countries around the world. Every WIS is different because of the internet marketing experts who present it. I enjoyed listening: Sean Roach, Adam Ginsberg, Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Steven Essa, Tracey Repchuk, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming and Koz, Raymond Aaron, Roy Carter, Nic Lucas, Scott Letourneau, Andy Harrington, Mark Anastasi and one of WIS founder Tom Hua and Brett McFall. The door opens at 8:45 every day with the first key speaker starting at 9 in the morning. Each speaker is served for 90 minutes and there is a break between each speaker, with a longer break for lunch. The days are long, not ending after 19:00 every night. What I don't like about the event. There must be information overload and sometimes I feel very overwhelmed with all the information on internet marketing, even confused about the best way for me to start making money online. I will admit that at the end of the second day I was rather fed up with the 'trade promotions' that came at the end of each internet marketing teacher presentation when they promoted their own products. But on the night of the second day I had a 'Ah Ha' breakthrough. I realized and realized that I was very fortunate that these experts had chosen to fly halfway across the world to share their internet marketing strategies with us. I also realize that all speakers make money online in their own unique ways. Actually, I understand that there are so many ways to make money on the internet, all I need to do is find the way that interests me the most and start with that one. This seminar is very interactive and there are many shouts and stands and clapping. This is good, it puts you in a good frame of mind and it keeps you participating and focused. It makes you pay attention to the speaker, all of which are very interesting, entertaining and fun. I took pages and pages of notes so that now I really have so much fantastic information about marketing on the internet that I recorded myself. At the end of four days I have to say that I was truly fascinated by the amount of content, tips and tricks, internet marketing secrets shared at the event. What I have learned over the past few days is very confusing, so many great ideas that I can immediately use. And, even though I have been online for some time - there are so many internet marketing strategies, programs, and systems that I have never heard of before. Every keynote speaker has made online life full time. They are internet marketing experts in their online marketing field. And yes, they have their own products to promote and at the end of each presentation. They are amazing and not cheap offers. But I have no doubt that every program offered will help you to succeed online. Remember this man and woman have done all the hard work. They have made a mistake and their information will definitely shorten your learning curve. You don't have to buy these products. You just need to attend the World Internet Summit and make lots of notes and that will definitely put you in a good position to step out in your first online venture. I will tell you that I did not buy any product that was promoted at the World Internet Summit, but I left the event with a very valuable workbook filled with innovative internet marketing ideas.
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